Additive manufacturing in healthcare

The influence of the medical world has ensured that additive manufacturing is used in healthcare. There are different fields where it is used. You can find some examples in the following paragraphs.


Materialise is involved in making surgical guides. They are based on a 3D-model of a bone from a patient. This will result in a perfect fit. These surgical guides are tools that are used during a bone reconstruction. The integrated functionality eliminates the uncertainty during an operation.


Complicated implants

Complicated implants can be made out of metals using selective laser melting. Serial products and even patient specific implants will contain the advantages of additive manufacturing. Here you can see some examples.

 3D-printed skull implant


3D printer builds new jaw bone for transplant



One thought on “Additive manufacturing in healthcare

  1. Implementation of this technique in the medical world has some great opportunities, will this or is this also possible to print with some biodegradable materials to produce for instance scaffolds for arteries or is this just for printing replacements of bones? The resolution to print, is this small enough to for instance print the different layers of the skin to replace burned skin after an accident?

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