3D printed fashion

These days also clothing designers are using 3D printers to bring their designs to a next level. To ensure that the clothes fit nicely, a 3D scan is made of the human body so that it can be tailor-made. Till now the 3D printed clothes are made out of different kind of plastics, but there is a new technology to print natural latex and cotton. My opinion is that this will result in a revolution in the 3D printed fashion.

While they are optimizing the new technology, you can find the 3D printed fashion out of plastics on the catwalk.




Would you like to try the cloths out of plastic or will you wait for the latex and cotton cloths?



3 thoughts on “3D printed fashion

  1. Hello,
    The concept of printer clothes is really interesting, but I’m concerned that it might be a bit unpractical, because of the 3D bodyscan. However, when having the time and money, this is a innovative way of making fitting clothes. On the other hand, tailors might lose work because of this and how about the implementation on a broader and more cheaper level. Is it something you see in the future to be available for everybody without costing a fortune?

  2. Hi!

    First thing I thought about when reading was, as Jesse mentioned, “what about all the jobs”? I mean, clothing and sewing is a huge industry, especially in the east (China, Taiwan, …). If you take away these jobs and let printers do all the work, this will have a nefast inpact on the economy (that is finally flourishing) in these countries. If you keep it on a low level, and just use it for very specific goals and designers, then I can see the advantages of it. However I think the prices will be even higher for these clothes, and as they are custom made, they can’t even be sold anymore. I think the only interesting application on clothes would be to make decorations, such as brooches etc. Printing clothes on a big scale would have a bad effect in my opinion!

  3. I see it more as an expansion for the rich people and the early adopters. Because this will be expensive, I think that 3D printed clothes will not be a threat to the textile industries for the coming years. The 3D body-scan will maybe replace the classical measuring methods of a tailor. But not for all printed clothes a body scan is needed. Like now you can buy also standard size t-shirts, later you can buy a 3D printed t-shirt in a standard size. But if this technology can produce cheaper clothes than the ones that are made in the low-wage countries it will result in big problems over there.

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