The world’s smallest 3D printer

Klaus Stadlmann made the world’s smallest 3D printer. This is an affordable desktop printer with a high printing resolution. His example is to use this technology to print hearing aids. You go to the shop, they scan your ear and the data is send to the printer. After a couple of hours the hearing aids are ready and the electronics can be attached to it. Now it’s ready to use. This way you can have your hearing aid in one day.

Now it takes 5 days before you have your hearing aid. After a scan of your ear the data is send to a printing company. When it’s printed they need to ship it back and the assembly of the electronics can begin.

There will be a lot of applications where this can be used to speed up the process and save money from shipping costs.

What is your opinion on the smallest 3D printer and its applications?


2 thoughts on “The world’s smallest 3D printer

  1. Hello,

    I believe that the evolution of the 3D-printing technology will bring a lot of advantages. You can reduce the time needed to produce things like hearing aids and so on. Due to the worldwide interest, more people will come up with new innovations that will make these printers smaller, cheaper and more accurate. As in the early days of the computer, when they did not have the calculating abilities as they have now, the 3D-printers will undergo a similar evolution. This will contribute to the usage of this technology

  2. There are a lot of applications of 3D printing that have the potential to save our society a lot of energy. In the movie he mentions the transport of certain materials that are produced somewhere else then were they are needed but that is just one thing. Also 3D printing has the potential to save a lot of resources in certain applications, the energy that is neccesary to produce these resources is very big in some industries. So 3D printing can be a very good technique to help us save our climate problems by reducing the energy use in a production cycle of products.

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