Parts I designed or I came in contact with.

This will be my last blog. And therefore I have decided to make it even more fun to read than al my other blogs. I will write about 3D printed parts I designed in the past or parts where I recently came into contact with.

Laser sintered titanium cooling plate

During my time at Formula Group T I designed a cooling plate for the motor controller. The cooling plate exits of small tubes very close to the surface that needs to be cooled. The advantage of printed cooling plates is that the tubes can lay close to each other and have a thin thinness. The weight reduction was +- 8kg.


3D printed body for a racecar

Areion was the first car we build at Formula Group T. The car has a full 3D printed body. It was printed using the SLA technology of Materialise. Now Areion is famous as “The World’s First 3D Printed Race Car”


Rotite connection

Rotite is a type of connection that uses dovetails to connect two pieces. This was an inspiration for me. And it shows the possibilities of additive manufacturing. It’s a simple connection that can be used for a lot of purposes.

  • Connecting a phone to a holder
  • Connect two hoses together
  • Use is as a quick connection for closing a bag



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